Corrections and Custodial

Security Centres International can provide you with almost all corrections and custodial service requirements.
From an audit and more consultative service to the management of prison safety and numbers through use of detectors,
identity and key tracking, and wireless blocking.

Corrections and Custodial Services

Audits And Reviews

As an independent resource we are able to carefully review the facility and current running operations of your organisation. We compile a comprehensive report with the findings to identify issues and provide recommendations for improving efficiency.

Efficiency Savings Analysis

Through careful analysis of the various operating procedures and policies we issue recommendations for efficiency savings whilst maintaining safe and proper operating practices. The primary goal is to identify outsourcing or privatising opportunities and provide examples of use of alternative resources such as auxiliary/custody officers in custody suites, administrative roles, gatehouse and court escorts as a means to identify potential operational savings.

Support and Operations

We provide contract consultancy services to assist Corrections Managers in ensuring their facilities are meeting or exceeding required local and international standards. Support can include policy writing and staff training in a variety of subject areas and for all grades of staff including senior management.

Alternatives To Incarceration & Custody

We review and make recommendations for Alternative to Incarceration Programmes (AIPs) to increase bed space by offering electronically supervised day, work or early release programmes.

Security Fence

Cell Phone Detectors

Ensuring the ongoing elimination of cellular devices is crucial to ensuring no illegal activity is carried out inside correctional facilities. With four systems available, we have the right solution for your facility.

KeyTrak Guardian Safe

KeyTrak Guardian Safes operate on an automated biometric system to provide the correct distribution, time coded tracking and the physical safety of your facilities’ keys. The system can also provide a complete audit when requested.

Biometric Jail & Prisoner Management System – Prisonsecure

Prison-Secure™ jail and prisoner management system provides a modern solution for the secure management of prisoner identities. PrisonSecure™ is the only solution which can predict prisoner identities individually by Machine Learning Technology/Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on detailed analytical calculations.

ISDG Wireless Blocking Solutions

The constant detection and confiscation of cellular devices can be an impossible task. Custom built cell phone jammers block the signal within the facility completely so contraband devices become redundant.

GuardTracker® – Security Through Advanced Knowledge

Security Centres International offers a state of the art patented technology designed for strategic inmate management and separation, unprecedented officer safety and dramatic agency budget savings. The GuardTracker® software is simple to use and has sophisticated proprietary logic and internal systems giving the end user access to ‘instant inmate information’ on demand at the point of contact. GuardTracker® is designed and built by corrections experts to be the next generation tool for all correctional settings.


  • Provides instant access to critical data about inmates
  • Describes health conditions and latest medications in encrypted format that complies with HIPAA
  • Does not require the purchase of specialized equipment or lengthy staff training
  • Provides a centralized source of information for officers in federal, state, and local facilities
  • Minimizes errors, accidents, claims, and, ultimately, litigation
  • Enhances productivity and efficiency of all staff
  • Reduces the cost of operations
  • Green technology reduces use and waste of paper
  • Improves monitoring of offenders on parole or probation by providing instant access to data

Behavioural Analysis Screening

Security Centres International and Qverity combined services to provide behaviour analysis and screening services for private and public-sector clients worldwide. Former Central Intelligence Agency experts use deception detection, critical interviewing techniques, and proven information-gathering methodologies to yield an exclusive level of analysis that enables competitive advantage and high-value insight for organisational and individual benefit.

Training in information collection methodologies for government agencies, law enforcement entities and private corporations is also offered. The core training program consists of the following modules, which are applicable to any industry, and have proven to be of significant benefit to a wide variety of corporate and public sector enterprises.

Training modules include:

  • Detection of deception
  • Critical interviewing
  • Elicitation of information
  • Negotiation
  • Protective intelligence
  • Threat management
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