Ballistic Solutions

Bullets, bombs, hurricanes and even missiles. Our solutions based approach means we can advise, supply and install
whatever you will need to ensure your building, space, person(s) or vehicles are protected.

Armor Dynamics door panel

Ballistic Shields

These multi-purpose ballistic shields are a lightweight, handheld shield ideal for law enforcement officers. The shield can be easily deployed and used in conjunction with an officer’s sidearm, providing safety and flexibility in any situation. We also supply a variety of threat specific door panel and sun visor solutions for law enforcement applications. The law enforcement vehicle door panels are the lightest and thinnest solution available, providing ease of installation and an unobtrusive presence in the vehicle. The Ballistic Sun Visor can also be easily and quickly deployed and provides front or side window protection.

CrimSafe Screens

Crimsafe products feature a unique patented screw-clamp system. Tamper-resistant screws go through a metal clamp designed to bite down on the mesh like a vice, then through the stainless steel security screen and then they grip right into the frame, making it nearly impossible to kick or beat the screen out of the frame. The impenetrable stainless steel mesh provides enhanced security, hurricane protection for winds up to 200 MPH and missile impact up to 150MPH and greater energy efficiency through blocking up 52% solar radiation.

Secura Blinds

Blast Resistant Blinds

SECURABLINDS can be retro fitted to existing windows to provide protection from extreme blast waves. Once installed the blinds operate as standard blinds blocking out light or letting it in when needed. The blinds provide protection in either the open or closed position. In the case of a blast, the forward force triggers the blind to close and absorbs the force of the pressure wave stopping glass shrapnel and other debris from entering the building.

Ballistic Doors

We supply a wide variety of ballistic door solutions. These high security doors can be custom-fit for a diverse range of specifications, including colour, finish, and locking mechanisms. These solutions provide cost-effective protection against assault and vandalism at vulnerable door openings such as isolated utility buildings, cashier islands, currency exchanges, and box offices, etc.

Ballitic Door

Ballistic Glass Solutions

Architectural Solutions

ACE security laminates are the only technology in the world capable of retrofitting standard industry car glass.

  • Applied to ordinary glass, ACE makes windows smash-resistant, bullet-resistant and bomb-resistant
  • Can be retrofitted to the existing window framing and wall assembly without undertaking costly re-construction or reinforcing
  • Significantly reduced costs compared to conventional ballistic or reinforced glass

Automotive Solutions

Applied to standard quality car glass, ACE security laminates can protect against threats including: baseball bats, machetes against, shrapnel from car bombs and improvised explosives, hand-guns and small arms of up to a 45 calibre ammunition firing.

Smashed Window
Smashed Window
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