Aerial Security Solutions

Security Centres International aims to bring the Caribbean security market to a new level by offering UAS
solutions to various governments and security customers all across the region.
We support law enforcement and national security efforts to offer unparalleled solutions in the
war against crime, while increasing officer and civilian safety.

Aerial Security Services

Aerial video footage that is relayed live in HD or recorded remotely from a UAS or a drone is an essential new tool in crime prevention. We utilise the latest in aerial technology to provide cost-effective solutions to Police, Marine, Fire, Prisons & Private corporate security.

Essentially providing an “eye in the sky”, drones offer the ability to monitor situations in real time either during day or night with thermal infra-red sensors and also act as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

Crime Scene Mapping

Police departments have begun to employ UAS to save valuable time in reconstructing accidents and crime scene investigation. High-resolution cameras can create a 3D model which aids in decreasing investigation time and simplifying processes. This leads to lower personnel costs and fewer negative externalities.

Search and Rescue

Unmanned aircraft systems provide an affordable low-risk solution to incorporate aerial assistance in SAR operations. These systems can be readily available due to their modest size, provide high-resolution colour imagery as well as thermal images. Utilising unmanned aircraft in SAR operations is proven to save lives, increase overall visibility and reduce time and personnel overheads.

Coastal Surveillance

Security Centres International can provide additional air support to the Police & Marine units for search and rescue, drug enforcement and general border protection. We can provide a dedicated flight & operations team or train your personnel at your location. From specific on-call missions to 24 hour border patrols, our UAS has long range and endurance. Able to provide live HD video, thermal & RADAR imaging that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Training and Certification

Security Centres International provides a turn-key cost-effective solution that includes the following:

  • UAS Pilot Training
  • CAA Approved Certification
  • SOP Manual Development
  • Aviation Authority Regulatory Liaison
  • Technology Consultation and Provision
  • External Auditing
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